No 4 Polishing Hl Surface 201 Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Coils
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No 4 Polishing Hl Surface 201 Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Coils

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Price: $ 1000
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Production Flow about stainless steel coil

Raw materials are sending to hot rolling units for rolling into different sizes

Hot rolled material is annealing in cold; rolled annealing furnace and pickling in acid.

All mill rolls are grinded on precision grinding machine with proper chamfering after first shiftoperation.

All sheets are pickled in different tanks and dried on brush roll machine before dispatched.

These sheets are again annealing and are sent to straighten machine for straightening.

Inspections are done at various stages. Keep proper control overall internal process via rolling,annealin

and pickling by our experienced staff.

Application Field

Stainless steel can be used in many products as you can think of, below gives a brief idea of how stainless steel has been used:

Household Usage – gas cookers, oven, sinks, pots, pressure pots, washing machine drums.

Commercial - Hotel Serving dish plates, drinking Fountain, Food preparation equipment.

Architectural/Outside Usage - Elevator, pipes, tubes, handrails, benches, shelves, Spiral ductings, hose clamps, solar tanks.

Surgical - nail tweezers, scissors, holloware products, cleaning station, table equipment, urinal.

Automotive - mud guard, heat exchanger, muffler

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