ASME Antirust J2 Stainless steel coil Hot Roll Prime 20-1240mm
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ASME Antirust J2 Stainless steel coil Hot Roll Prime 20-1240mm

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ASME Antirust J2 Stainless steel coil Hot Roll Prime 20-1240mm

What is stainless steel coil?

Stainless steel coil is not just a stainless steel material, but a collection of hundreds of stainless steel grades and types.

Stainless steel coil is the most popular stainless steel material in the world.

More than 40 grades of stainless steel coil are available to easily select the right grade for a variety of applications and products.

From cutlery to glasses, fire hydrants on the floor, nuclear submarines to video game consoles, wind turbine blades on jet engine rotors, and more, each type has different characteristics.

Grade of stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coils can be divided into cold-rolled stainless steel coils and hot-rolled stainless steel coils according to different production processes.

According to the data, it can be divided into austenite, ferrite and super biphase.

Commonly used stainless steel coil grades are usually marked with numerical symbols.

There are 200 series, 300 series, 400 series and double series.

304, 304L, 316 316L stainless steel coils are the most popular and economical stainless steel grades.

Together with stainless steel 304/304L coils and stainless steel 316/316L coils, as well as duplex stainless steel coils, they provide excellent corrosion resistance to Marine and industrial exposures as well as many chemical environments.

Cold-rolled stainless steel coil

Cold rolled stainless steel coil polishing coil cold rolled annealing and pickling.

In order to achieve the desired thickness, the coil is passed through the mill several times.

Cold-rolled stainless steel coils are used in a number of industries, including the automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical and oil and gas industries.

Hot rolled stainless steel coil

The thickness of hot rolled stainless steel coils is usually between 3mm and 14mm.

The widths are 1000 mm, 1219 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm.

Cold-rolled stainless steel coils are usually less than 3mm in size.

Commonly used 0.3-1.0mm cold-rolled stainless steel coil and 1-3mm hot-rolled stainless steel coil.


Our Ability

We have our production line, we are the manufacture of sandblast and 8k mirror processing.

20 years experience in stainless steel plate production

Sound quality systems, service systems ensure the reliable feature of each product

Short delivery time, generally7-15 days

Integration of industry and trade, competitive prices

Long-term cooperation with domestic landmark architecture

With rich export experience, exported to Europe, America, Middle East and other countries



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