L-Shape SS tile Strips Stainless Steel Wall Edge Tile Trim PVD Color Decor
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L-Shape SS tile Strips Stainless Steel Wall Edge Tile Trim PVD Color Decor

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L-Shape SS tile Strips Stainless Steel Wall Edge Tile Trim PVD Color Decor


201/304/316 Stainless steel tile trim


T-Shape,U-Shape,L-Shape,Flat Bar,Corner Trim


1.Length:2.44 / 2.5 / 2.7 / 3m (Customized)

Both Customized


3.Height:8 / 10 / 12 mm (Customized)

4.Color:Silver/ Gold/ Black/ Champagne (Customized)

5.Surface Finished:Mirror,Hairline,No.4,Satin,Vibration, PVD color coating


Standard packing

Delivery Time:

7-15 days after receive deposit.


1. Decoration for For protecting & decorating the edges of ceramic tiles, backsplash, mirror, door, furniture, bathroom,  kitchen, living room, house, hotel,  wall, floor, shopping mall, KTV, hospital, office building , etc;

2. Protection for corner, tile edge, furniture border, door edge, stair edge, floor gap, glass holder profile, etc.

The size, color and shape of the metal lines can be customized. Common types that can be applied to decoration are: U shape, T shape, L shape, etc.

U-shaped metal lines

V-shaped bars often have two types: the two sides of the equal U shape and the two sides of the length of the U shape. The plane adopts the equivalent U-shaped metal wire on both sides, and there is no height difference between the left and right sides. The U-shaped metal line with inconsistent length on both sides is often used for the shape closing with a height difference on the left and right sides.

T-type metal lines

There are many types  of T-type metal lines, the thinner the line, the stronger the sense, in order to increase the stability of the paste, the T-type metal lines embedded part is usually designed to be barbs or serrated. T-shaped metal lines are often used for wooden doors, cabinet doors, background walls, waist lines and wall decoration.

L-shaped metal lines

L-shaped metal lines are commonly used in the place of inside and outside corners, and can be directly glued on.

In addition to the above commonly used metal lines, there are many other shapes and sizes that can be customized.

1, stainless steel decorative lines fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, is a new type of environmental protection decorative materials

2, the surface can be processed 8K or brushed, the color is black, gold and rose gold, etc.

3, can be transported in ceiling decoration, curtain wall edge, elevator door cover, mirror frame and other decoration

4, the use of vacuum PVD coating, corrosion resistance is good,

5, can be processed U shape, L shape, T shape, can be matched with wood veneer stone glass veneer decoration


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