Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Tile T Shaped Metal Trim Internal Strip
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Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Tile T Shaped Metal Trim Internal Strip

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Product Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Tile T Shaped Metal Trim Internal Strip
Type Stainless steel trim | metal lines | protective moldings | layering strip | Shell Nosing|Cover plates| corner guard | wall trim decoration |wall panel trimming
Material ss201#,ss304#,ss316#
Size (mm ) Custom
Length(mm) 2000-6000mm
Thickness(mm) 0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2 or custom
Pattern U channel type/Round close type/L shape type/flat bar type...or customized
Color gold,rose gold,champagne gold, ,bronze,titanium, dark brown,coffee gold
Surface Finishing 8K mirror, hairline,sandblasted,brushed,etc
Application architectural borders and trims, capping or borders for glass/mirrors, borders to feature walls, doors,bench tops and so on
Widely used in kitchens,hotels,office,hospital,restaurant,public place
Advantage Fireproof,waterproof,corrosion protection,  colorful,fashionable,delicate, luxurious,
fast color,stable in decorative effection
Package Standard or Client's demand

Stainless steel metal decorative strips now have more colors to choose from, and the surface is also available in brushed, frosted, mirror, rose gold, titanium, and black titanium. The final choice depends on everyone's choice.

Choosing to match stainless steel lines will not only not cover up its edge, but also make the home decoration appear more stable and enhance the owner's temperament.

Common background wall stainless steel decorative strip shapes include U-shaped grooves, T-shaped strips, L-shaped strips, and other stainless steel decorative strip mouth shapes.

Generally, it is not used on a large area when used on the background wall. It may only use a few pieces, or a little more. The use of stainless steel decorative strips, if matched well, can have an embellishment effect and can be the finishing touch, making the entire wall look more fashionable.

Stainless steel line application

Stainless steel lines are often used in real estate development companies, decoration companies, construction engineering, restaurants, stadiums, office buildings, private villas, hotel lobby, shopping malls, buildings, supermarkets, shop decoration, indoor, kitchen, living room and other floor decorations , Fix, connect, transition, depend on the decoration border.

The application of stainless steel strips in the bathroom and kitchen is also widely used. In these two spaces, stainless steel strips can be made into corner guards; waistlines in the bathroom to increase the layered sense of wall tiles;

The stainless steel lines are embedded in the ceiling, and the stainless steel lines are made on the ceiling or two laps, and the visual effects have been significantly improved.




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