316 316L Water Ripple Stamped Hammered Decorative Stainless Steel KTV Ceiling Plate
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316 316L Water Ripple Stamped Hammered Decorative Stainless Steel KTV Ceiling Plate

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316 316L Water Ripple Stamped Hammered Decorative Stainless Steel KTV Ceiling Plate

Product type

Stamp Colored Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate/Coil




Golden, Black , Sapphire Blue, Brown, Rose gold, Bronze, Purple, Gray, Silver, Champagne, Violet,etc.



Width range

600mm - 1500mm


2000/2438/3048mm customization

Regular size

1000mm*2000mm, 1219mm*2438mm, 1219mm*3048mm, or customization

Surface finish

2b, BA, No.4, 8k, hairline, embossed, etched, vibration, pvd color coated, titanium, sand blasted, anti-fingerprint



Various patterns can be customized: Small rice grains, pearl rice, pearl board, refined corrugated board, small square pattern, diamond square pattern, antique square pattern, leather pattern, woven pattern, twill pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, ice bamboo pattern, sanded board, cube, free pattern, stone pattern, butterfly flower, woven bamboo pattern, small diamond shape, large oval, panda pattern, European pattern, Ingot, linen pattern, large water beads, Mosaic, wood pattern, swastika flower, Wan Fu Lin Door, wishful cloud, grid pattern, color pattern, color circle pattern, fish scale pattern, fine mesh pattern, heart pattern, etc.

Stainless steel water ripples used in: mainly used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration, kitchenware, KTV decoration, stainless steel doors and other stainless steel series. Main material: 201, 304 stainless steel plate. Size: 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm; It can be opened with indefinite length, or the whole roll can be embossed. Thickness: can be pressed 0.3mm~1.5mm, the depth of the pattern is about 1-30 microns.

Water corrugated stainless steel embossed plate has been popular in various decoration industries for a long time, prevent rust, and is very beautiful. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, polishing no bubbles, no pinholes. The large area of bright silver water ripple ceiling makes the whole space transparent and clean, reflecting the depth change in the light, deepening the sense of space hierarchy.

Application of water ripple stainless steel

Compared with other decorative materials, stainless steel embossed plate has many styles, durable, rich colors, a strong sense of three-dimensional, but also has safety, environmental protection, fire prevention and other performance. Its nature is very stable, and it will not change in nature because of the moisture in the air. In addition, its hardness is large, and its durability is also better. By stamping the pattern on the stainless steel plate to form a metal embossing plate, its stereoscopic vision immediately appears in front of the eyes.

Advantages of water corrugated stainless steel

Stainless steel water corrugated embossing board durable, durable, decorative effect is strong, visual beauty, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, resistance, pressure resistance, health scratch and leave no finger marks. And the concave and convex sense of water ripples creates an incomparable three-dimensional sense, the visual effect is obvious, and the regulations are very clear.

Stainless steel plate grinding mirror and then press water ripple, concave position will produce bright effect, concave position will maintain the matte color of stainless steel, convex position will have reflective mirror effect, can be plated with a variety of colors according to customer requirements.

Water corrugated stainless steel style



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