310S 410S Stainless Steel Sheet 1.6mm Honeycomb Ageing Resistance Construction Industrial
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310S 410S Stainless Steel Sheet 1.6mm Honeycomb Ageing Resistance Construction Industrial

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Products Name:

310S 410S Stainless Steel Sheet 1.6mm Honeycomb Ageing Resistance Construction Industrial


0.3 mm - 3.0 mm


2000mm, 2438mm, 3048mm, according to customer requirements


1000mm, 1219mm, customized max width 1500mm

SS Grade:

304,316, 201,430 etc


2B, No.1, BA, Mirror, Hairline, No.4, PVD

Available Finishes:

No.4, Hairline, Mirror, Etching, PVD Color, Embossed, Vibration, Sandblast, Combination, lamination etc.




Standard Package,or as required

With the progress of technology, it is now possible to combine the color stainless steel plate with printing, and then use the process of etching, grinding and dot method to match, you can process stainless steel into three-dimensional relief murals, hanging screens and other beautiful products that will never fade. In addition, the manufacture of household appliances, kitchen and kitchen equipment, bathroom appliances using colored stainless steel plates, is also highly sought after by consumers. The application of color stainless steel plate has become a popular trend, here is to understand the color stainless steel decorative plate.

Decorative features of stainless steel plates

The color stainless steel plate has both the unique luster and strength of the metal, and the color is varied and the color is unchanged. Stainless steel decorative plate not only has the inherent physical, chemical and mechanical properties of primary stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than primary stainless steel. Therefore, since the advent of colored stainless steel plates in the 1970s, they have been used in building materials, chemicals, automobiles, electronics industries and arts and crafts. In the field of building materials, an example can be given. The surface of the stainless steel is covered with an oleophobic anti-fouling coating, so that it has strong oleophobic and hydrophobic properties, and after the liquid drops of oil, water, iodine and other liquids are dropped on the surface, they are instantly formed into dew shape and will not be attached at all. Used on the surface of building exterior wall, it can achieve a good self-cleaning effect in atmospheric environment.

Decorative use of stainless steel plates

In fact, stainless steel decorative panels have been widely used in modern life, due to excellent mechanical properties and protection, ordinary stainless steel decorative panels have become the appearance of various products into thousands of households. Such as the kitchen sink, gas stove, range hood, various POTS and pans, etc., as well as the surface of the home appliance shell, such as refrigerators, LCD TVS, water heaters, washing machines, etc., is not very common in daily life! The application industry of ordinary stainless steel decorative panels is now tightly linked with our clothing, food, housing and transportation.

The colorful stainless steel decorative plate is often used as the main material for architectural decoration because of its gorgeous color appearance. Common stainless steel curtain wall, stainless steel hall wall, stainless steel decorative plate in the elevator, stainless steel billboards, screens and so on. Foreign buildings have a large number of colored stainless steel plate decoration, which has been all the rage.

Stainless steel plate as a very high quality decorative metal material, because people like it to show the Yongrong and expensive and widely used, and stainless steel plate can also withstand the general molding processing, calendering and bending, hardening and other stainless steel processing, is really a kind of quality and quantity of the use of materials.

Product advantage

Packing and Shipping


Our Ability

We have our production line, we are the manufacture of sandblast and 8k mirror processing.

20 years experience in stainless steel plate production

Long-term cooperation with domestic landmark architecture

With rich export experience, exported to Europe, America, Middle East and other countries


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