sandblasted Chinese natural colors black titanium Stainless Steel Sheet
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sandblasted Chinese natural colors black titanium Stainless Steel Sheet

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Oil-brushed stainless steel is to polish the surface of stainless steel by using abrasive belts or grinding heads with different strokes and controlling the speed of the abrasive belt and grinding head, so as to form different textures on the surface of stainless steel and improve the brightness of the surface of stainless steel. In order to meet the requirements of different customers on the surface of stainless steel. Oil frosted stainless steel plate has a variety of textures, NO.4, hairline (HL), SB, and ordinary sand. It can be processed according to the sample provided.
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Product Introduction

The polished surface is obtained by grinding the surface of the steel plate or steel strip with abrasive belts and abrasive materials. In terms of craftsmanship, brushed, snowflake sand, and mirror 8K are frosted. Abrasive can be divided into dry abrasive and wet abrasive, and wet abrasive are further divided into water grinds and oil grinds.

It is widely used in decoration, machinery manufacturing, household appliances, kitchenware products, kitchen engineering, kitchen appliances, advertising, bathroom products, elevator decoration, stainless steel door industry, etc.

Product Advantage (Feature)

After processing, the sand pattern on the surface of the board is evenly distributed and fine, and the surface color is bright and smooth.

With wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, durable. After PVD treatment, the unique surface, luster and strength of stainless steel are fully maintained, and its physical, chemical and mechanical properties are not affected. It can be directly processed and can effectively play all the characteristics of stainless steel, a green and environmentally friendly metal.

Various color options, such as: Black gold, sapphire blue, gold, emerald green, burgundy, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold



Q: Can I get samples before order ?

Yes, of course. Usually our samples are free. we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures. Please contact us for further support.

Q: What is your delivery time ?

For mass production. The time of delivery is usually 25-30 days. We can send out in 2 days, if it has stock. In all cases, we will try best to accommodate your needs.

Q: What are the advantages of your company?

We are the manufacturer. We have many professionals,technical personnel,more competitive prices and best after-sales service than other stainless steel companies

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