SUS430 304 316 Hairline Stainless Steel Coil 2500mm For Construction
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SUS430 304 316 Hairline Stainless Steel Coil 2500mm For Construction

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Hairline referred to as "the HL",it’s grain as fine as hair, straight and continuous, delicate with oil paints on the surface. It has slightly lower reflective rate than satin stainless steel.

From the technological point of view, the stainless steel sheet drawing process is to make regular and uniform surface textures on the surface of the stainless steel sheet workpiece. The general drawing effects are: long and short drawing, coarse and fine sand drawing, cross-grain drawing, chaotic drawing, drawing ripple, drawing thread and many more.

The polishing process is that during the polishing process, the surface of the stainless steel sheet is completely flat, without any flaws, and looks smooth and translucent with a mirror effect.

In terms of movement, the wire drawing process moves back and forth repeatedly, while the polishing process moves on the flat polishing machine. The two principles are different, and the actual operation is also different.

In the production, the wire drawing adopts professional wire drawing process equipment. According to different shapes, there are many kinds of polishing process equipment to adapt to different polishing requirements.

The properties of stainless steel are corrosion resistance, high ductility, attractive appearance and low maintenance.

- Be extensively applied to architectural decoration, such as elevator decoration, luxurious doors, outdoor projects, wall decoration, advertisement nameplates, sanitary ware, ceiling, corridor, hotel hall, shop facade, etc.

- For furniture, kitchenware, food industry, electronic industry, medical equipment, etc.

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