PVD Colored Rose Gold Sandblast 0.6mm Stainless steel sheet Wall Ceiling Decoration
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PVD Colored Rose Gold Sandblast 0.6mm Stainless steel sheet Wall Ceiling Decoration

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PVD Colored Rose Gold Sandblast 0.6mm Stainless steel sheet Wall Ceiling Decoration


0.3 mm - 3.0 mm


1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm, customized Max.width 1500mm

SS Grade

201,304,316, 430 etc.

Available finishes

No.4, Hairline, Mirror, Etching, PVD Color, Embossed, Vibration, Sandblast, Combination, lamination etc.




Standard Package,or as required

Common color stainless steel plate process, the first is the surface wire drawing process, also known as straight wire drawing, the stainless steel surface has a thread of texture, touch it with your hand is not feel this filamped degree, than mirror stainless steel wear-resistant and dirty, now there is more than one kind of grain, like chaos, cross, cross and so on, each grain has its own characteristics. Finally, by electroplating to achieve the surface dependent color, resealing oil to do no fingerprint processing to make the color stainless steel plate more anti-corrosion service life.

Mirror stainless steel color plate, this color plate often appears in some commercial places, is the stainless steel plate after fine particle grinding and then polishing with mirror grinding, its surface similar to the mirror effect and then with electroplating coloring to make its color like its own sparkling function.

Rose gold stainless steel decorative panels in hotels, high-end ktv walls, elevator panels, bathroom decoration, etc., has been widely used. Often in the form of stainless steel rose gold screen, decorative lines, rose gold stainless steel glass wine cabinet, rose gold bar, rose gold wardrobe and shoe cabinet appear in the public view

Rose gold stainless steel decorative plate has strong corrosion resistance, beautiful color fashion, durable coating, and its color with the light Angle is different, will produce color changes and other advantages, leading to many engineers are very popular.

Stainless steel rose gold decorative plate can also be processed by anti-fingerprint, making its color more vivid and corrosion resistance better.

Stainless steel rose gold color is a combination of gold and copper, with a very fashionable and beautiful color sense, its surface technology is common brushed, mirror, satin, snow sand, 8k mirror, sandblasting and so on. Its various processes are suitable for different environments and styles of decorative applications.

The surface of the rose gold stainless steel sandblasting board is a fine sand-like particle. In poor light, the surface gives the impression of matte state, in good light its surface will look shiny.

The rose gold mirror stainless steel plate has the effect of increasing the sense of space and enlarging the visual space, making the space more spacious and bright.

Product advantage

Our Ability

We have our production line, we are the manufacture of sandblast and 8k mirror processing.

20 years experience in stainless steel plate production

Sound quality systems, service systems ensure the reliable feature of each product

Short delivery time, generally7-15 days

Integration of industry and trade, competitive prices

Long-term cooperation with domestic landmark architecture

With rich export experience, exported to Europe, America, Middle East and other countries



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