Anti Rust Customized Elevator Stainless Steel Sheet Waterproof
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Anti Rust Customized Elevator Stainless Steel Sheet Waterproof

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Price: $ 1000
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Where are stainless steel decorative panels usually used?

Stainless steel decorative panels are now closely related to our lives. Our daily elevators, stainless steel elevator door covers, like our new home decoration with stainless steel skirting, stainless steel door covers, stainless steel window covers, stainless steel moldings, as well as custom stainless steel niches and now very popular stainless steel screen partitions. There are many colors to choose for stainless steel plates, commonly used are rose gold, titanium gold, bronze, bronze, red bronze, water ripples, imitation marble, etc.

stainless steel door

Stainless steel door, because of its bright color, noble and elegant, is easy to match with the surrounding environment and style more aesthetically, and stainless steel decorative door is not easy to rust, hard texture and many other advantages, high visual effect, and diversified styles at the same time . In line with the modern decoration style, high grade, beautiful and generous. It has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no joints, and good heat insulation performance; in terms of design style, simple geometric figures such as rectangles, squares, circles, and diamonds are very common, and the second colors are bronze, brown, Gold, white, and even clip colors. More elegant, retro, luxurious, delicate and other elements as the theme, fully demonstrate aestheticism.

Stainless steel elevator door cover

Stainless steel is a natural metal! It is widely used in elevator door covers, with long service life and various colors, mainly 201, 304 sand board, color board and snowflake sandblasting, red bronze, green bronze, bronze water ripple, anti-marble, imitation Wood grain, etc.


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