201 304 316 Antique copper stainless steel SS sheet
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201 304 316 Antique copper stainless steel SS sheet

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Antique copper stainless steel plate is a very popular decorative material on the market, which can give people a retro, heavy and elegant feeling, and it can improve the decoration grade.
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Stainless steel copper is a process for forming a metal plating layer by continuously reducing the metal ions on the autocatalytic surface by relying on the external power supply in the aqueous solution without relying on the reducing agent in the plating solution.

The production and processing costs of antique copper stainless steel plates are much lower than copper, they are harder than copper, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, waterproof performance and rust resistance are much better than copper, Strong plasticity, can be processed into various shapes. Their service life is longer.

The price of copper plates on the market is much higher than that of stainless steel plates; there will be no patina factors affecting the health of users.

Bronze stainless steel plate mainly includes: red bronze stainless steel, green bronze stainless steel, yellow bronze stainless steel, etc.; different colors can be used with different decoration styles.

Antique copper and stainless steel plates are widely used in hotel decoration, kitchen and bathroom decoration, villa decoration, leisure club decoration, and will also be processed into stainless steel products such as screens and handles.

Generally, in the decoration industry, 201 bronze stainless steel plate and 304 bronze stainless steel plate are widely used. Among them, the corrosion resistance and quality of 201 stainless steel are not as good as 304, but 201 is relatively economical.

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201 304 316 Antique copper stainless steel SS sheet


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